How can I order the card?

To order the card, you need to:

1) Register at

2) Confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the confirmation email. Make sure you check your Spam folder, should you not see the email in your inbox.

3) Log in to your account.

4) Select the card you want to order.

5) Pay for the card using QR code (for mobile wallets) or the address below the image (for desktop and web wallet or exchange). Don’t forget that there are transaction fees.

Note: you can pay for one card at a time only, so if you want to order more than 1 card, you need to pay for them one after the other.

6) After payment, you will see a message stating that verification process will start in the second part of July for the MinexPay early birds and may take up to 6 weeks (depends on your ID position).

7) After the verification process is successful, we will send you the card/cards by courier service for fast delivery.

8) After you receive the card(s), you need to send the required deposit amount (required minimum balance) to the address in your MinexPay account and activate the card(s).